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» Present Scenario of Urban Society

Present Scenario of Urban Society:


Nowadays the capabilities of Indian people are well recognized in all faculties of business. We are proving ourselves in various new jobs with a great success. Globalization has opened new markets for business. We have adapted the change faster than expected and heading to become a economic super power. But every thing comes at a price. And we are paying it in terms of bad health. The speed of urbanization in India is very fast. As a part of urbanization some diseases and conditions are also creeping in. The recent analysis of World Health Organization is enough to state its seriousness. The report says, by the end of 2010 the largest number of patients of Heart Diseases (Heart Attack, Hypertension, Angina etc.), Diabetes, and Obesity will be in India. The reason according to the WHO for this situation is Urban Lifestyle. We adapt a new life style as per the requirement of our job. Our body complaints against it in various ways, but we ignore it. Eventually the disease settles in the body forever. The sufferer has to take many medicines throughout the life, and their number increases day by day.


When a patient is admitted to ICU, the relative says that he or she was totally alright and all of a sudden had a heart attack or stroke. Some one goes for a routine check up and the blood reports shows excess of sugar, cholesterol etc. does it really happen so suddenly? NO! It takes a long time to reach this stamped condition. Body constantly gives warning signals and we keep on ignoring them. Many times most amongst us don’t understand the meaning of these signals. Ayurveda has a different and special approach, which can define possible health problems before they start to appear. It helps to decode the warning signals given by the body.


Besides the major diseases there are many ailments which can make the life miserable, like- Arthritis, Skin Problems, Exhaustion, Fatigue in the evening, Lack of concentration, Low intellectual acuteness, Loss of memory, Depression, Indigestion, Acidity, Ulcer, Impotence, etc. These problems are the resultant of “wrong Lifestyle”. Life style modification is the only complete treatment. Now, the scientists all over the world are accepting that Medicines or Surgery can not “Cure” all the diseases. They are supplementary things in the process of getting cured. Life style has created these hazards, so changing it, is the only correct solution. But these changes should not disturb the job or profession. I will not ask you to eat frugal meals or live like a `Sanyasi’. So, life style modification under the supervision and guidance of an expert is the most practical answer to these ailments.


Theme :



THEME: Libra is a novel, dynamic, scientific, revolutionary, Health balancing unit, highly individualized, based on LIFE STYLE MODIFICATION of an individual. It has Ayurvedic component that will span textual , expert, and experimental knowledge.


WORK FRAME: Globalization opened new markets for business, and urbanization accelerated. This brought in hectic and wrong life style as required for jobs, followed by ignorance towards food, diet, nutrition and healthy being.


LIFE STYLE MODIFICATION is based on Ayurvedic fundamentals and works for treatment, prevention, to balance the health.



1. Root treatment: Controlling root cause of problems.

2. Abstention: Avoiding things that harm.

3. I.C.E.: Identifying, confirming and eliminating harm causing elements in your body.

4. Smooth routine: Recommendation will not disturb your day to day work.

5. Personalisation: Suggestions based on your nature of work, way of life and basic health type.

Ayurved is living progressive system. Based on

1. Panchamahabhoot, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether.

2 Tridoshas: Vattam, Pitta, Kapha.

3. Prakritis: Based on predominance of one of the particular doshas decides the constitution of person.

Ayurved seeks to study the complete picture of the melody, because only then balance is restored which is at the root of good health, and freedom from diseases.

Health according to ayurveda is the natural state of all the three aspects of a human being : body, mind, and soul, indriyas, mana, aatma.


VISION: Revitalisation of Ayurved with the help of scientific validation and representation. To create safe, effective, quality and rational Ayurvedic medical practice with development of proper documentation , clinical, Decision support and continued medical education programmes to Maintain balance of the health.


WORKS FOR: Nutrition: Individualised to optimize health and prevent or migrate chronic diseases.


DIET: According to job, body type , family and requirement.


EXERCISE: Modified, specific and interesting.


MEDICINES: Required.


PANCHAKARMA: Cleaning procedure to improve performance.


YOGA: For healthy body, mind and soul.



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